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Updated on 29th September 2022

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Azuki nft


Price: 9 ETH
Azuki is a NFT project collection of 10k online avatars that give you membership access to The Garden
bored ape nft

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Price: 110 ETH
Bored Ape Yacht Club is a NFT Project of 10k unique Bored Apes that are commonly used as online avatars
cryptopunks nft


Price: 70 ETH
The CryptoPunks NFT project was first launched in June of 2017 by Larva Labs and became the most known NFT collection worldwide
mutant ape yacht club nft

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Price: 25.98 ETH
Mutant Ape Yacht Club is a NFT collection of 20k unique Mutant Ape tokens
coolcats nft

Cool Cats NFT

Price: 12.4 ETH
Cool Cats is a NFT collection of 9,999 unique and stylistically curated items that give access to exclusive NFT events
meebits nft


Price: 3 ETH
Meebits is an NFT collection of 3d characters intended to be used in the Metaverse
Cryptokitties nft


Price: 0.1 ETH
CryptoKitties is one of the first game-based NFT projects created
cyberkongz nft


Price: 4.75 ETH
CyberKongs NFT project started as a 1k randomly generated token collection and was the first NFT brand to introduce NFT staking utility
doodles nft


Price: 13.88 ETH
A community-driven NFT collectibles project featuring art by Burnt Toast
asuna nft

Lives of Asuna

Price: 0.172 ETH
Live of Asuna is a NFT project totalling 10k items with unique combination of traits inspired by the world of anime
Womenart nft

Women Rise

Price: 0.749 ETH
A 10,000 randomly generated NFT collection by the internationally acclaimed visual artist Maliha Abidi
NBA Top Shot nft

NBA Top Shot

Price: 0,007 ETH
NBA Top Shot is a collection of rare NFT packs with short videos of best NBA moments
crypto skull nft


Price: 1.3 ETH
Each CryptoSkull character is a unique pixel art with Uniqueness Index property
Crypto Chicks nft

Crypto Chicks

Price: 0.55 ETH
A unique NFT art collection of 10 000 tokens featuring women of diverse backgrounds. Crypto Chicks NFT project has lots of traits and features
gary vee nft


Price: 13.4 ETH
An NFT project by Gary Vaynerchuk with the access to his multi-day conference and other benefits
clonex nft


Price: 15.25 ETH
20 000 next-gen online avatars developed by RTFKT and Takashi Murakami
Sorare nfts


Price: < 0.01 ETH
One of the best gamified NFT fantasy sports trading cards collection. More in-game type utility available as well
Sacred Skulls nft

Sacred Skulls

Price: 0.07 ETH
Sacred Skulls is a women led NFT project. This collection consists of 8,888 unique hand drawn skulls that are used as digital avatars
Sandbox nft


Price: 1.8 ETH
The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experience. It is one of the best selling NFT projects
Slotie nft

Slotie NFT

Price: 0.49 ETH
Slotie NFT is a new utility-based DeFi project for gambling. Each Slotie NFT is unique, with varying degrees of rarity
Axie Infinity nft

Axie Infinity

Price: 0.1 ETH
Axie Infinity is non-fungible token-based online video game developed by Sky Mavis, where one can buy and use game creatures as NFT tokens

What are NFT Collections?

NFT collections are digital assets that are stored and managed using blockchain technology. NFT collections can include items such as digital art, collectibles, music, and videos.

What makes a good NFT collection?

Pretty much any NFT project strives to provide unique experience to a community of its potential holders. Obviously, if this project is not created simply as a way to fraud people and make quick money.

A lot of people would point out different features of any NFT collection that they see as most important. But we at NFTScout think there are several ‘pillar’ features that are good indications of a serious long-term NFT collection.

  1. Not just PFP NFTs. There is nothing wrong in creating a high quality profile avatars as NFTs but the value of such projects is going down with the general trend.
  2. High quality graphics. The quality of design and graphics is why NFT collection catches our attention in most of the cases.
  3. The team that works on the project. Obviously, if you can’t find any information on who created the NFT collection, chances are you are not going to invest in it. Neither will the community. it doesn’t mean only big names in the industry can create great NFT projects, but transparency definitely helps with evaluating seriousness of the project.
  4. Extra value for token holders. NFT collection worth your attention will definitely have something more to offer than just owning a piece of art. Basically, there should be some utility application as well. NFT collections with utility are evolving rapidly with the range of applications from real-world physical items, exclusive member-only type of events or community channels to Metaverse application.

You can also check out list of criteria to choose and review a top NFT project that we employ as part of our methodology.