The most popular NFTs

We prepared for you the list of some of the most popular NFT collections discussed right now

Updated on 10th October 2022

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, the world of cryptocurrency has been growing and evolving at a rapid pace. One of the most recent developments in the world of crypto is the rise of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

The popularity of NFTs has been on the rise in recent months, as more people have become interested in buying and selling these unique digital assets.

A quick roundup of the top 15 NFT collections in demand

The following is a list of the most popular and best selling NFTs for October prepared by the NFTScout team. The list reflects data on the collections that get the most attention from the NFT community.

Data reflects the trend for October 2022

  1. Azuki
  2. CryptoPunks 
  3. Bored Ape Yacht Club
  4. CryptoKitties
  5. Mutant Ape Yacht Club
  6. Cool Cats
  7. Meebits
  8. CyberKongz
  9. Women Rise
  10. CryptoSkulls
  11. Crypto Chicks
  12. Clone X
  13. Sorare
  14. Sandbox
  15. Slotie NFT

Factors that play into the popularity of NFTs

Why Non-fungible tokens so popular? There are a few reasons for the popularity of NFTs.

One is that they offer a way to create unique digital assets that can be easily traded and sold. This has led to a new market for digital art and other collectibles. 

Another reason is that NFTs can be used to represent ownership of real-world assets, such as property or tickets to events. This allows people to trade these assets without having to physically transfer them. This ‘utility’ feature is gaining more ground in the NFT community.

Finally, NFTs offer a way to create smart contracts, which are agreements that can be automatically enforced by the blockchain. This makes them attractive for use in a variety of applications, such as online NFT marketplaces and gaming platforms.

Top 10 best selling NFTs on OpenSea and Rarible

We narrowed down the most popular collections at the end of April 2022 based on the OpenSea and Rarible marketplace data

  1. Moonbirds
  2. Azuki
  3. Mutant Apes
  4. Bored Apes
  5. Clone X
  6. World of Women Galaxy
  7. Beanz official
  8. CryptoPunks
  9. Murakami.Flowers Seed
  10. Impostor Genesis Aliens

Most popular NFTs in comparison

The following comparison table shows the main markers for the NFT popularity: the floor price or the minimum price of an item in the collection and the volume traded on marketplaces. Basically, the bigger the volume the more attention the NFT collection gets and the more attractive it is for the community.

TitleFloor price, ETHVolume traded
Mutant Apes28.536000+
Bored Apes10835000
Clone X17.628000
World of Women Galaxy1.0425000+
Beanz official5.722000+
Murakami.Flowers Seed5.8517500+
Impostor Genesis Aliens2.8516000+

How to find popular NFTs: the methodology behind

Here is a basic methodology you can use to find and track top NFT collections. It is based on the vetting process used by the NFTScout as well. 

We choose the best NFTs by looking at a variety of factors. We consider the founding team behind the project, the roadmap for the project, the size and variety of the NFT collection, the floor price value for the NFTs, the community behind the NFT project, the overall trend of the NFT project, and the sale volume trends on the market. We also look at how well the official NFT website is built and the quality of the design.

Most famous NFTs and then some

Check our list of NFT collections that attract a fair share of attention

Filter down by:
Azuki nft


Price: 9 ETH
Azuki is a NFT project collection of 10k online avatars that give you membership access to The Garden
bored ape nft

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Price: 110 ETH
Bored Ape Yacht Club is a NFT Project of 10k unique Bored Apes that are commonly used as online avatars
cryptopunks nft


Price: 70 ETH
The CryptoPunks NFT project was first launched in June of 2017 by Larva Labs and became the most known NFT collection worldwide
mutant ape yacht club nft

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Price: 25.98 ETH
Mutant Ape Yacht Club is a NFT collection of 20k unique Mutant Ape tokens
coolcats nft

Cool Cats NFT

Price: 12.4 ETH
Cool Cats is a NFT collection of 9,999 unique and stylistically curated items that give access to exclusive NFT events
meebits nft


Price: 3 ETH
Meebits is an NFT collection of 3d characters intended to be used in the Metaverse
Cryptokitties nft


Price: 0.1 ETH
CryptoKitties is one of the first game-based NFT projects created
cyberkongz nft


Price: 4.75 ETH
CyberKongs NFT project started as a 1k randomly generated token collection and was the first NFT brand to introduce NFT staking utility
asuna nft

Lives of Asuna

Price: 0.172 ETH
Live of Asuna is a NFT project totalling 10k items with unique combination of traits inspired by the world of anime
Womenart nft

Women Rise

Price: 0.749 ETH
A 10,000 randomly generated NFT collection by the internationally acclaimed visual artist Maliha Abidi
crypto skull nft


Price: 1.3 ETH
Each CryptoSkull character is a unique pixel art with Uniqueness Index property
Crypto Chicks nft

Crypto Chicks

Price: 0.55 ETH
A unique NFT art collection of 10 000 tokens featuring women of diverse backgrounds. Crypto Chicks NFT project has lots of traits and features
clonex nft


Price: 15.25 ETH
20 000 next-gen online avatars developed by RTFKT and Takashi Murakami
Sorare nfts


Price: < 0.01 ETH
One of the best gamified NFT fantasy sports trading cards collection. More in-game type utility available as well
Sandbox nft


Price: 1.8 ETH
The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experience. It is one of the best selling NFT projects